The Light Side

OH MY GOD!! OK this isn’t going to be hilarious to anyone but me but I have to share it anyway! I’M READING THE WRONG BOOK! I READ THIS GLOWING REVIEW OF THIS BOOK CALLED HERO which was supposedly about a gay teenage superhero, so I was like omg this sounds great, the person LOVED this book, I gotta read it! So I go to the store and buy it and I’m reading it and I’m like wow this is pretty lame, and it’s almost over and they haven’t said anything about him being gay? Like seriously why did they like this so much?? And I was so disappointed, so I went back to the review just to see it again, and IT WAS A REVIEW FOR HERO BY PERRY MOORE BUT THE BOOK I BOUGHT IS HERO BY MIKE LUPICA mahahaha oh my god

Now if only it wasn’t too late to get a refund on this stupid book